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The adventure of JEMBER continues in Issue #2! Be the first to read the exciting sequel of the ETAN COMICS’ first superhero storyline. Get it NOW!

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Anxious, frustrated, and ready to leave his city behind, jobless graduate Amanuel Tilahun is suddenly empowered with extraordinary gifts that change his life. He must now make a choice; to help himself or the city that’s treated him like a nobody, and now sees him as a threat. ETAN COMICS presents the all-new JEMBER, the first Ethiopian Superhero comic book, as featured on BBC, OkayAfrica and much more!

2 reviews for JEMBER Issue #2 – English (DIGITAL VERSION)

  1. Asres Woldemaryam (verified owner)

    Fantastic work Etan Comics! You have delivered on Issue #2 for sure. Based on the plot set up in Issue #1, readers were definitely prepared for some super hero action. Jember has started unleashing his super hero powers in Issue #2. I liked the tech-savviness of the story telling, from the Air Force action to the Civil Aviation’s involvement. I also noted the issue of power outages in Addis Ababa slightly raised (by Pomi); I liked the female military drone pilot (empowering the African Girls!). I applause all the effort in issue #2 and recommend sometimes to shed light on Africa’s social and economic issues on the top of the adventure within. From all the pictures and videos the public took after Jember’s saving the day, I expect social media to blow up in the next issue. 🙂 I strongly recommend everyone to read Jember and get on the Jember bandwagon. Issue #2 is phenomenal and i look forward to read issue #3.

  2. Nardos

    I think this issue just made the first one look bad… it’s so much better. The storyline is so intriguing and literally just makes me want to read the next book now! And the powers he has are so modern like who wouldn’t want their phone to charge up as quick as Aman’s. So cool!

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