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ዙፋን / ZUFAN

ZUFAN is a Pan-African sci-fi series that recounts the true story of Italy’s invasion of Ethiopia in 1800s. Find out why Ethiopia was the only African nation to never be colonized through this visually stunning comic book! 

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Nominated for Best Graphic Novel Awards

ጀምበር / JEMBER Volume 1

  • ጀምበር ፩/JEMBER Vol. 1 – Amharic [Hardcover]ጀምበር ፩/JEMBER Vol. 1 – Amharic [Hardcover] Quick View

Anxious, frustrated, and ready to leave his city behind, jobless graduate Amanuel Tilahun is suddenly empowered with extraordinary gifts that change his life. He must now make a choice; to help himself or the city that’s treated him like a nobody, and now sees him as a threat. ETAN COMICS presents the all-new JEMBER, the first Ethiopian Superhero comic book, as featured on BBC, OkayAfrica and much more!  

By Black-owned & community funded publisher

ሐዊ / HAWI

HAWI is an award nominated fantasy comic that follows an Ethiopian immigrant immersed in a quest to find her kidnapped mother in the legendary Axumite Empire! Masked mercenaries, fantastic beasts, new cultures…all just the tip of the iceberg in this epic award nominated comic series! 



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