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ZUFAN Variant Homage Covers “STAR WARS #1” | Etan Comics

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In 1884-5, thirteen leaders from Europe, US & Ottoman Empire met in Berlin to decide who gets to rule various African regions. Instead of going to war over resources, they agreed it would be more “civil” to meet and divide the continent like “gentlemen.”

The Berlin Conference marked the beginning of a +20 year period of exploiting, dividing & conquering of Africa. Only one African nation successfully defended & preserved their independence during the entire period of the Scramble for Africa – Ethiopia.

Etan Comics hit series, ZUFAN, recounts this powerful moment of African history through sci-fi! 
Instead of the Scramble for Africa, it’s a Scramble for Earth. Aliens from distant planets meet and decide who gets what region of Earth. As the world falls to their conquest one by one, only one nation remains: the African Alliance. 
To make the launch of this new book even more special, Etan Comics published a limited edition variant for ZUFAN #1 that pays homage to the 1977 Star Wars #1. Check out the striking variant by Elliot Dickson below! 
Art by Elliot Dickson

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